Blogger’s act leaves vegans furious

A vegan who lived off a gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free, meat-free and refined sugar-free diet has ditched the plant-based regimen and started eating burgers.

Virpi Mikkonen, 38, claims her vegan diet “brought on early menopause”, leading to hot flushes and absent periods, The Sun reported.

An award-winning blogger who championed plant-based eating, Virpi’s vegan diet, along with her four cookbooks, earned her hundreds of thousands of followers on social media.

But after a specalist advised Virpi, aknown as Vanelja on Instagram, to ditch her meat-free lifestyl because of her health issues, the blogger started eating meat — and vegans are furious.

Since her stunning revelation, many are taking to Twitter to air their anger.

Virpi first went to seek help after she developed a rash on her face, with the specialist advising her to stop eating so much raw food and start eating meat.

Considering breakfast consisted of a cold-pressed juice of celery, cucumber, fennel and parsley and the blogger had barely eaten meat for 15 years, Virpi admitted she was “shocked” at the advice.

But determined to get better, the mum from Helsinki, Finland, gave up her vegan lifestyle incorporating meat and eggs, which she once referred to as “miscarriages of chickens”, into her diet.

Explaining the effects were dramatic, not only did Virpi feel more energetic — sleeping better and noticing an increase in motivation — her periods also returned and the hot flushes stopped.

“It doesn’t work for everyone. It didn’t work for me,” she told the Mail Online about her vegan lifestyle.

Her symptoms left her feeling extremely “scared” and wondering “what’s wrong with me” she explained.

“I felt I had run out of fuel, totally. I was empty,” she explained.

It was only when she was given advice she realised “some people need animal products for them to be healthy”.

Virpi’s daily food intake now includes an omelette for breakfast, meatballs, chicken and veg for lunch and a meat broth for dinner.

She has also incorporated butter and goat’s cheese but still only drinks oat milk and avoids gluten, starch and refined sugar and said she feels “amazing”.

The 38-year-old isn’t the only vegan influencer to give up the diet recently.

One blogger with millions of subscribers was called a “fraud” when she revealed she’d been eating fish and eggs.

Yovana Mendoza Ayres was spotted in another blogger’s video with a plate of fish and later posted a grovelling apology video to her fans.

The 29-year-old claimed over the years she had been experiencing health problems, including being “basically anaemic”, which forced her to add animal proteins back into her diet.

Meanwhile, YouTuber Tim Shieff, also known as the “vegan prince”, revealed earlier this year he had given up the plant-based lifestyle because it was making him ill.

The influencer — who received similar backlash after revealing he had ditched the regimen — told This Morning in April: “I had some joint issues, chronic fatigue and mild depression. My whole body felt like it was shutting down.”

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission