Kayla slammed for 3-week post baby body

Every woman’s recovery is different after giving birth — it’s a message fitness queen Kayla Itsines continues to remind her 11.5 million Instagram followers.

But the new mum, who recently gave birth to her baby girl, Arna, has copped flak online for showing her body at two weeks compared to three weeks post birth.

“I am all for supporting women but I don’t think it’s uplifting to post something that focuses on your thinness after two or three weeks after giving birth,” one woman commented on her Instagram photo.

Another woman said it’s great she has managed to spring back quickly but believes it puts pressure on “normal people in the world that they need to get back to their pre-baby weight fast”.

In her previous post-baby snap, the renowned fitness blogger explained every woman’s journey through life but especially pregnancy, birth and healing post-birth is unique.

“If I am honest, it is with great trepidation that I share with you this very personal image,” Kayla said of her previous post.

She said regardless of how her body healed post-birth, she felt it was important to embrace, appreciate and celebrate her body.

“To be clear, I’m not posting these as ‘transformations posts’, nor am I concerned with my weight loss post pregnancy,” she said of her comparison images. “I’m simply showing you my journey, which many of the #BBGcommunity have asked to see. I’m so excited to go on this journey.”

Many women agreed, saying they appreciate the “realness” of her recent posts.

“Hate how people jump on to throw shade. Yes! She looks this great because she worked dam hard for it in her pregnancy with healthy eating and exercise derrrr! Looking awesome Kayla,” a fan commented.

“How do people not understand that when you eat right and workout daily before pregnancy and are fit and continue that through your pregnancy that you will more than likely bounce back pretty quickly,” said another. “Being fit before and during has a bigggg role in your body after. Plus eating healthy is huge too!”

Another follower explained women need to be happy for one another and not be so quick to criticise.

“Why so much negativity? Come on girls! … She looks incredible! I have witnessed this same transformation in a friend who has always stayed in shape … that hard work pays off even during and after pregnancy,” the woman said, adding “If it’s not your thing then that’s OK too! But don’t criticise the hard work of others.”

In her recent recovery photo, comparing photos of her at two weeks and three weeks, the creator of the Bikini Body Guide said while it is a visible but minimal physical change, she is feeling so much better mentally.

“My focus over the last week has trying to getting back into my regular healthy eating routine,” Kayla said. “Not that I’ve been eating unhealthy foods, but I’m now starting to reintroduce some of my favourite healthy foods which I was unable to eat or made me feel sick throughout my pregnancy.”

The 28-year-old also recently hit back at trolls over her pregnancy workouts after

admitting she had seen multiple negative comments and concerns.

“For the ladies who are writing things like ‘you are not allowed to lift weights while pregnant?!’, ‘is that safe??’. I want to put this into perspective for you. The weights I’m lifting are rarely over 5kg per hand. I want to you keep that in mind as you read this story.”

She then added working out safely while pregnant is a wonderful thing and so long as you have the all-clear from your doctor you can work out and you can use weights.

“Just because I’m standing in a gym with a crop top and shorts, doesn’t make it any less safe to lift something,” she wrote.

The Adelaide-based entrepreneur, who last year came fifth in the Financial Review’s Young Rich List with an estimated net worth of $486 million (together with fiance Tobi Pearce), continues to remind her followers to celebrate their bodies.

“As a personal trainer, all I can hope for you ladies is that you feel encouraged to do the same regardless of whether you have just given birth or not, celebrate your body and the gift that it is.”